Frequently asked questions


1. What is the minimum order quantity?
1 pallet


2. Do I have to order a full pallet of one product?
No, pallet can be mixed with many products.


3. Do you sell full trucks and containers?
We sell full loads too.


4. How long will I wait for my order?
It depends. We keep a stock of goods, so if you order from quantities which we have on stock, you can load on the next working day. For other offers we specify lead time individually.


5. What about delivery?
We organize delivery through our trusted forwarders, just let us know your location or port and we will let you know shipping cost.


6. What is the loading place?
Loading place is our warehouse located in Zawiercie, Poland (ul. Technologiczna 5, 42-400 Zawiercie, Poland)


7. Can you make a container handload?
Naturally, yes.


8. Can you put labels in my language on the product?
Sure, we provide stickering services.


9. All sounds good but before making business I would like to verify your company.
We can make videocall and present you our stock but we encourage you to visit us personally to have a cup of coffee together and check goods personally.


10. What is the closest airport?
The closest airport is Katowice KTW (30 min) and Kraków KRK (1,5h). If you are staying in Warsaw, you can come by train (2-3h) or by car (3h)
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